Writing Christian Fiction

Jeff Gerke

The art & craft of writing Christian Fiction, by Jeff Gerke

People think I’m pretty laid back, but that’s only most of the time. Occasionally, I have high standards, and either the ordinary becomes extraordinary, or I become super irritating and somewhat irrational. The former is when I apply my high standards to myself. The later is when I try to apply my high standards to others (usually resulting in some sort of disaster).

Anyhow, the actualization of a high standard in my own life (I’m learning not to inflict them on others) is a lengthy and passionate process.

Reading helps and grounds me on that journey.

I’m currently working through Christian Fiction, by Jeff Gerke. I’ve read a bunch of books on writing, but this one is having the greatest impact on my story so far.

When I started Mirror of Sparrows, I had a definite theme …God sees even the sparrow, so He for sure He sees us, despite all the insanity. But I lost track of God as I delved into the story. And, I feel like I’ve unlocked a treasure trove of writing advice. I’m only on page 62, so I may add more to this blog later – to see how things turn out.

Here are some valuable quotes so far:

“I believe every Christian struggles with areas of greed…”

“Invisible is good-it’s what you’re striving for.” (out of context this sounds weird, but he’s talking about the author in the novel)

“So toss aside your s’mores and put on your director’s chapeau.” (on the manner of writing).


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