The Thief of Turns


The Thief of Turns

The Thief of Turns

My kids were arguing this morning, and one of them called the other “thief of turns” – and that got me thinking, not so much about my kids, but why some people never seem to get their turn. Here is a poem I wrote about the Thief of Turns- I’m typing it out in case you can’t read my handwriting:

The Thief of Turns

Everyone deserves a turn –
That’s what’s fair.

But your turn never comes,
it passes and passes and passes.

They stole my turn.
I missed the turn.
When will it be my turn?

Everyone deserves a turn,
but you have to learn to take your turn.

Did I somehow miss the turn?
Did I do something wrong?

You have, but it wasn’t all you…

it was the Thief of Turns.

He snuck up while you weren’t looking, and stole your turn.

He’s not your friend.
He whispers lies.
He distracts you.
He blinds you.

And then he steals your turn and says, “you don’t deserve a turn.”

But don’t believe him.

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