Mirror of Sparrows

MIRROR OF SPARROWS is a dual-POV YA fantasy inspired by Alexander Duma’s Count of Monte Cristo. The story will appeal to fans of the enemies-to-lovers elements in Legend by Marie Lu and of the gritty world of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.

Shunned because of her father’s murderous treachery, seventeen-year-old Molly Fitzpatrick tirelessly strives for acceptance; to redeem her reputation, she bakes crusty bread wreaths and trains to qualify as a Keeper–the esteemed guardians of the Seven Cities. But her hopes are irrevocably ruined when the Head Keeper falsely accuses her of being her twin brother’s accomplice in stealing the clues to the lost Mirror of Sparrows, a mirror with the power to reveal anything past or present. 

Condemned and with seemingly no other means to help save her and her brother, Molly commits the very crime she’s been accused of and, when she finds the omniscient mirror, the opportunities it offers for taking justice in her own hands are seemingly limitless…except that Colin Kelly–the Keeper-in-training whose parents her father viciously murdered–stands in her way.