Mirror of Sparrows

I’ve been working on a YA fantasy, Mirror of Sparrows, since March 2015. It’s been an amazing and wonderful journey.


Molly and Colin are seventeen-year-olds who’ve always dreamed of joining the king’s warriors, but if Colin continues in the selection process, everyone will find out his family’s dark past and true identity. And Molly? She’s unlikely to have the skill level it takes to qualify.


After an unexpected opportunity lures Colin in, everything goes wrong, and he and Molly are thrust into a run for their lives. As they help each other escape Port Ofenter, they uncover the secrets of the Warriors: not only are they in danger but so are the king and all the people of Correnstrait.


Will Molly and Colin have what it takes to survive, as well as protect their king and country? Their fragile friendship just might make all the difference.