Mirror of Sparrows

Shunned because of her father’s murderous treachery, seventeen-year-old Molly Fitzpatrick tirelessly strives to redeem her reputation by baking crusty bread wreaths and training to qualify as a guardian of her city’s people against the creatures of despair, the hungry ghost-like monsters that would feed off of wandering, despairing souls. But Molly’s hopes crumble when the guardians she so longed to impress falsely accuse her of theft and treason. A mostly omniscient mirror, the Mirror of Sparrows, points her to Colin Kelly for help. The only problem is, he is the son of the man her father murdered.

The desperate Colin Kelly is his own worst enemy. Grief, fear, and the after-effects of a powerful drug consume him. After he betrays his mentor and becomes a hunted traitor, and when Molly, the girl who’s family he most despises, finds him for help, he is reluctantly forced to escape the city’s fortifications with her. Together, they must survive the winter wilderness and the ravenous monsters that lurk therein.

MIRROR OF SPARROWS is an 80,000 word, dual-POV YA fantasy about two seventeen-year old would-be guardians who journey through the haunted wilderness between the Seven Cities. The story is inspired by Alexander Duma’s The Count of Monte Cristo and will appeal to fans of the relational and fantastic aspects in Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater as well as the use of mysterious objects in Enchantée/All That Glitters series by Gita Trelease.