Mirror of Sparrows

Shunned because of her father’s treachery, seventeen-year-old Molly Fitzpatrick longs for acceptance. To that end, she trains to qualify as a Keeper–the highly esteemed warriors who defend the Seven Cities against the creatures of despair. But when the current Head Keeper accuses her of stealing the only clues to finding the lost Mirror of Sparrows–a mirror with the power to reveal anything past or present–and when her twin brother Hugo is captured and condemned to die, Molly, in order is to save her brother and stay free, must resort to committing the very crime she has been accused of.

Colin Kelly, son of the last loved Head Keeper, is a beautiful picture of strength and discipline on the outside, but pride and resentment over the murder of his parents are corroding him on the inside. After a violent outburst sets off a terrible chain of events, the would-be warrior becomes a hunted traitor and the apparent anti-thesis of everything a Keeper is meant to be.

In a tense and precarious alliance, Molly and Colin must out-run the Keepers or be killed. The two offenders manage to escape the city’s fortifications together, but now they will they have to survive the winter wilderness as well as the creatures of despair and disturbing truths revealed by the Mirror of Sparrows. They will soon find out that strength and knowledge are not always power, but that love is.