Mirror of Sparrows

MIRROR OF SPARROWS is a 70,000 word, dual POV YA Fantasy that will appeal to fans of Legend and of Red Queen.

It’s been five years since Lord Fitzpatrick murdered his parents, and ever since then, seventeen-year-old Colin Kelly has tirelessly trained to honor his father’s legacy and qualify as a keeper of Correnstrait. But when Molly and Hugo, Lord Fitzpatrick’s children, show up to the keeper selection tests, all of the resentment he’s been harboring comes to a head, and he lashes out with such violence that he will surely be disqualified from becoming keeper. 

Hugo offers to make a deal: if Colin helps him steal back a mysterious notebook, he won’t tell anyone about Colin’s unraveling. Unwilling to let his out-lash be made known, Colin agrees to the theft. But everything goes wrong. Hugo is caught, and while Colin escapes, the keepers – desperate for the notebook – brand him and Hugo’s sister, Molly, accomplices and traitors, condemning them to traitor’s deaths.

In order to restore his reputation, Colin has to solve the clues in the notebook and find the legendary Mirror of Sparrows, an omniscient mirror that can see anywhere in the past or present, before the keepers find him. Unbeknownst to him, in order to help rescue her brother as well as to redeem her and her brother’s sullied reputations, Molly already figured out the clues and retrieved the Mirror.

But first, in order to survive, Colin and Molly must escape Port Ofenter’s massive fortifications, outrun the keepers’ pursuit, and outlast the frosted forests of Correnstrait; ultimately, they will have to work together despite their hostile family histories and contend with what they discover in the Mirror – about each other, and about the underhanded conspiracy about to destroy the Kingdom of Correnstrait as well as its beloved King.