Mirror of Sparrows

Shunned because of her father’s murderous treachery, seventeen-year-old Molly Fitzpatrick longs for acceptance. To that end, she has dedicated herself to qualify as a Keeper, a protector of the Seven Cities against the creatures of despair. Her hopes, however, are dashed when the Duke, the current Head Keeper, accuses her and her twin brother Hugo of breaking into his mansion and stealing the only clues to finding the lost Mirror of Sparrows, an extraordinary mirror that reveals anything about the past or present. Though Molly was innocent, her brother was not, and when Hugo is caught and condemned to die, Molly will do whatever it takes to save him.

Colin Kelly, son of the former Head Keeper who Molly and Colin’s father murdered, was born to fight the creatures of despair that lurk beyond the city walls, but because of his grief and self-doubt, he would rather live with Uncle Felix, his last living relative, and focus on metal working. But after Hugo blackmails him into thieving from the Duke, Colin’s beloved uncle is brutally murdered, and Colin must escape the Duke or be killed, too. 

In a tense alliance, Molly and Colin must flee together beyond their city walls. To survive the perils that lie beyond, they will have to contend with their dark family histories and the disturbing truths they discover in the Mirror of Sparrows. They will soon find out that knowledge is not always power, but that love is.