Mirror of Sparrows

MIRROR OF SPARROWS is a 70,000-word YA Fantasy about two aspiring warriors who must protect their kingdom from its enemies. The story would appeal to readers of Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom and Stephanie Garber’s Caraval.

Seventeen-year olds Colin and Molly have spent their entire lives training to become Keepers, the legendary warriors who guard the Kingdom of Correnstrait. Now that they have come of age, to fulfill their dream they must pass a seven-day test that goes to extraordinary lengths to reveal the true character of its contenders.

The test forces Colin to wrestle his worst fear – that his true identity would be revealed. Choosing to betray his closest friends, Colin decides to prevent anyone from finding the Sparrow, a key that promises to reveal who he truly is and that would offer Molly and her twin brother the truth behind their parents’ disappearance. The twins’ father was Lord Fitzpatrick, the Head of the Keepers, and went missing 10 years ago, along with the Mirror of Sparrows, the omniscient mirror and the Kingdom of Correnstrait’s most precious ancient artifact.

After Colin succeeds at stealing the Sparrow, he and Molly are forced to flee outside the walls of Port Ofenter, the Mirror’s would-be home and a city surrounded by massive walls and cliffs that plummet into rough seas, before the enemies of the Kingdom capture them, and they are thrust on a perilous journey to find the Mirror of Sparrows and return it to their king. Not only are their lives at stake, but should they fail, the kingdom will fall into evil enemy hands. To succeed, Molly and Colin must work together, but are they a team or adversaries?

Will Molly and Colin survive the test? Seven days will tell.