National Suicide Prevention

September 6th through 12th was National Suicide Prevention week. Many times I've heard this about suicide: "how selfish." But during National Suicide Prevention week, a post from TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms), really stuck with me and challenged that line of thinking. I forget the woman's exact words, but they went something like: … Continue reading National Suicide Prevention

Writing Journey Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. Thank you to those of you who have asked about the blog, and encouraged me to maintain it. Since Nanowrimo last fall, this is what's happened: I've revised Mirror of Sparrows twiceI participated in a fantastic plot workshopI submitted what I have to my freelance editor This is what … Continue reading Writing Journey Update

Scythe and Thunderhead, by Neal Shusterman

IIn many ways, these books are disturbing reads, and for that reason, I would not recommend them for most people. However, I find them worth commenting about because they tackle with death, artificial intelligence, God, and human brokenness; Shusterman has found a way to create a fascinating framework from which to wrestle with these subjects.

Updates on the writing journey

Here's an update on the different facets of the Mirror of Sparrows writing journey. As always, thank you for reading and caring! #RevPit If you read my last post, you'll know I participated in #RevPit - a Twitter writing contest during which editors select writers they would like to give free editorial services to. It was a fantastic, … Continue reading Updates on the writing journey

#RevPit and the revised Chapter 1

This morning I woke up at 3 am to submit a query letter and the first five pages of Mirror of Sparrows to #RevPit. #RevPit gifts writers the opportunity to work with an editor for five weeks. I'm competing against hundreds of writers who've all worked really hard on their stories. My hope is that … Continue reading #RevPit and the revised Chapter 1

On why rough drafts should be kept secret.

For writers' sakes, it's important to distinguish between what words, especially rough drafts, are meant for the public and what words might be best kept private. Private writing should be guarded with care. Why? You wouldn't want a stranger or unkind person reading your journal (or anyone, for that matter), right? For the same reason, … Continue reading On why rough drafts should be kept secret.