Starbucks, Kam Shopping Center, on a Saturday morning

6:15 am: An old man walks through the parking lot absentmindedly. A young man almost runs him over while backing up his white, shiny BMW.  Nobody is hurt. 6:38 am: Don't know if she's his girlfriend or his wife, but she yells at him for a long time. He listens, maybe? He hardly says a word. They head out. He acts like she doesn't matter - checking … Continue reading Starbucks, Kam Shopping Center, on a Saturday morning


After unsuccessfully trying to see Logan three times, at long last the fourth try worked out. The persistence was worth it. Besides the bloodiness and the swearing (a lot of it), I loved the movie. Here are my thoughts on the story (from irritating to good): Plot: the plot was pretty predictable, but met my expectations … Continue reading Logan

Outlining your novel

Here are some ideas on how to begin writing your novel. In this video, I focus on outlining, the hook, inciting incident, first plot point, first pinch point, midpoint, second pinch point, second plot point and climax. Also, you might want to check out James Patterson's "Master Class" and Ellen Brock, freelance editor.