Scythe and Thunderhead, by Neal Shusterman

IIn many ways, these books are disturbing reads, and for that reason, I would not recommend them for most people. However, I find them worth commenting about because they tackle with death, artificial intelligence, God, and human brokenness; Shusterman has found a way to create a fascinating framework from which to wrestle with these subjects.

Poems I wrote a while ago

Below are two short poems I wrote for another blog, a number of years ago. It's fun to look through forgotten stuff : )   Intro: Sometimes, when my children have a hard time, I don't say anything. I just stay with them. Hold them. Try to be there, tangibly ... not as judge, teacher or corrector. And it’s … Continue reading Poems I wrote a while ago

Writing Christian Fiction

People think I'm pretty laid back, but that's only most of the time. Occasionally, I have high standards, and either the ordinary becomes extraordinary, or I become super irritating and somewhat irrational. The former is when I apply my high standards to myself. The later is when I try to apply my high standards to others (usually … Continue reading Writing Christian Fiction