When if feels like grit punches you in the face

Grit, with its intensity, diligence, perseverance, and passion-against-all odds qualities, is a character trait I most heartily pursue and value. I have tried, not only to apply grit to my relationships and dreams, but also to nurture it in the lives my children and students. At times however, it feels like grit punches you in the face. Some weeks, its not just one punch, but many-like grit's suddenly turned into Cobra Kai's John Kreese and is relentlessly driving fists into you without mercy.

Friendships and mess-ups

In every friendship, there are mess-ups. People are inconsiderate, maybe even rude, hurtful, and selfish. And if a friendship has hiccups, which is inevitable, our instincts often want us to be done with that relationship. Crazy right? But frequently true. It's easy to throw in the towel. God has been teaching me about being a … Continue reading Friendships and mess-ups

Cruz and a Hobbit birthday party

My son, Cruz, asked if he could have a Hobbit themed birthday party. Of course, I love the idea, but where to even begin... ...at the beginning, I guess! So, here is why I like the beginning of the Hobbit so much: Bilbo is content. He lives in a beautiful Hobbit hole (but it's a hole … Continue reading Cruz and a Hobbit birthday party

On “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas

I'm not going to write about The Hate U Give in terms of pros and cons: this book doesn't fit into standard categories and is way beyond a simple review. It took me a while to read The Hate U Give because it was so intense. Although I feel uncomfortable reading something with so much … Continue reading On “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas

When your goals are greater than your capacity

This is what scenes in a novel consist of: goals that are beyond the capacity of the character. The character wants something, a major obstacle stands in the way, the character attempts to overcome. Life can be the same way: we want something, obstacles are in the way, we attempt to overcome obstacles. But sometimes the obstacles … Continue reading When your goals are greater than your capacity

How to figure out what your dream is…

After a previous video I made, three benefits to pursuing your dream, several people asked, "what if you don't have a dream?" and "how can you figure out what your dream is?" Here are some thoughts I have on those questions: 1) Maybe you don't have your full dream or vision, but do you have … Continue reading How to figure out what your dream is…