Poems I wrote a while ago

Below are two short poems I wrote for another blog, a number of years ago. It’s fun to look through forgotten stuff : )


stay with me

Intro: Sometimes, when my children have a hard time, I don’t say anything. I just stay with them. Hold them. Try to be there, tangibly … not as judge, teacher or corrector. And it’s made all the difference.

Stay with me 10 minutes

When you don’t have any words, but still just want to be together … Stay with me 10 minutes.

When you are feeling sad and mad, and I don’t have any words … Can I just stay with you?

We don’t have anything to do, but we just want to be … Stay together 10 minutes.

Let’s just sit together.

We don’t need words, or anything to do…Just stay with me 10 minutes.


message in a bottle

Intro: I can’t remember what prompted this poem, but I know it had to do with my gratitude for God and Max, my husband.

Message is a bottle

My soul was drowning in this bottle,

Corked up and trapped in lonely melancholy.

Then one day someone opened my prison up,

poured all the sorrow out,

and set me free.


I left a message in this bottle,

for someone hopefully to see.

I used to be held captive here,

till love and truth delivered me.


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