Writing Journey Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. Thank you to those of you who have asked about the blog, and encouraged me to maintain it.

Since Nanowrimo last fall, this is what’s happened:

  • I’ve revised Mirror of Sparrows twice
  • I participated in a fantastic plot workshop
  • I submitted what I have to my freelance editor

This is what I hope to do next:

  • I will revise certain sections of my novel, again
  • I will participate in settings workshop
  • I will work on developing the introspection and description in each scene
  • I will revise the whole thing one more time
  • I will submit Mirror of Sparrows to #RevPit in April
  • I will revise accordingly
  • I will submit Mirror Of Sparrows to agents over the summer/fall

Thank you for reading! I would insert pictures, but WordPress has changed since I last used it, and I can’t figure out how to insert a picture, and I’m late for church…so I’ll have to figure that out later : (

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