a letter to young persons with a dream


My friend’s daughter has a dream, and I have been praying for her over the last week, thinking about how to encourage her, because dreams are precious and they are too easily lost.  I ended up writing her a letter, and I’m going to share it here. I hope that it’s worthwhile reading for any young person with a dream.

Dear young person with a dream,

The last thing you probably want is advice, so read this at a time when you feel like you want advice – otherwise, it will just be irritating.

I’m writing to you from my experience (a bit limited, but there nonetheless) as a painter, business owner, writer, teacher, mother, wife, and person saved by Jesus.

  1. Take your dreams seriously and make them a priority. God honors that. I’ve seen it time and time again.
  2. Work faithfully, every day. It will be your consistency and commitment over the long haul that will pay off. Even if it’s ten minutes a day, but try for several hours (break it up in small chunks, like morning, mid-day and evening – if that helps).
  3. You have three sources of energy (besides physical): these are the Holy Spirit, your own passion and self-motivation, and external inspiration. Guard these and use all three.
  4. When bad things happen: overcome, never give up, be humble, and watch God turn the bad into your greatest strengths and breakthroughs…although it can really hurt sometimes. but overcome.
  5. Know that God smiles when you create beauty. : ) When you use your gifting and strive to do amazing things, you are honoring God with your life.

I will be praying for you.


Aunty Vanessa

8 thoughts on “a letter to young persons with a dream

  1. Vanessa ,
    Maybe you can create a character that embodies this and write the novel that show how shy violet starts on a the journey of life and learns these lessons. They say don’t teach or tell but show how shy violet becomes the victorious heroine of your story. You can write a novel that teaches these lessons you have learned. Just a thought. I am glad that you are sharing the lessons gems as you go along.

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