Mirror of Sparrows, update

Progress on Mirror of Sparrows has been slow, but the story is moving along:

  • The outline is settled, up to the first plot point: this book is going to be on the long side. The first plot point was originally going to be the midpoint, but there is more story to tell.
  • My main characters are taking on more depth, with both with internal and external conflict.
  • The settings are taking on more life and creativity.
  • The antagonists are becoming more effective.

Plan for July:

  • The plan is Camp Nanowrimo.
  • Smaller goal: 30,000 words (compare with 50,000 words last time) means trading in quantity for quality, hopefully.
  • By the end of July, I hope to have the first draft of the first quarter. That would mean, in the end, a novel of about 120,000 words. That’s a bit much and may change, but unlikely.

Plan for August:

  • Ellen Brock‘s novel bootcamp.
  • Outline up to the midpoint.

While I realize that I’m moving like molasses, I continually remind myself that I’m aiming to write a great story.

Projected completion hope: one year from now.

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