A writers’ retreat at Makapala, Big Island

How it happened: Our dear friends, Jared and Tiana, invited me to do a writers’ retreat  in Makapala, Kohala, Big Island. My kids wanted to participate in Camp Lokahi, an awesome youth camp which they help run, so it was a win-win.

Camp Lokahi

It’s another world over in Kohala. Beautiful. Quiet. Restful.

What I did: We were there Monday to Thursday, and everyday, while the kids went on amazing adventures, I spent hours writing, working out my outline. I wrote out ideas, then scrapped them, then rewrote them, trashed them again, and then rewrote them again. Until the ideas/plot/characters feel settled and simple, I kept rereading and rewriting: that process took a lot of concentration, so those huge chunks of time were an un-real gift. My outline is still not done, but I’ve made much progress.


Writing spot #1, my room at Jared and Tiana’s

I enjoyed writing, reading and rest (and I watched Hacksaw Ridge, which deserves a blog post of its own).

Makapala Chapel, Kohala, Big Island

Writing spot #2, Makapala Chapel

Jared suggested I try writing in this little chapel, at the edge of the property. After opening up the windows, I had some amazing writing and prayer times in there. So peaceful.

More than just writing: Besides writing, I helped make breakfasts for the campers, played with Jared and Tiana’s youngest – we built the coolest fort, ever – and spied on my kids. It was nice to not be fully isolated. I would come out of writing times into a community of creative, kind and energetic people of all different ages. That was super fun!

We built a fort

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting Aunty Vanessa and I mess up our living room!

Thank you, Jared and Tiana, for inviting me out to Makapala. I was truly blessed.


2 thoughts on “A writers’ retreat at Makapala, Big Island

  1. Love these updates! I’ve never been to that side of Hawai’i Island. I do remember getting some great and deep journalling done at the Kilauea Military Camp when we stayed there. The stained glass windows on all the cabins is phenomenal. A gift from a local artist. Aloha

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