The benefits of writer’s block: there really are none

Writer’s block: an inability to think, combined with a deep sense of guilt, that no amount of caffein seems to be able to take away.writers block

But, I’m trying to look on the positive side:

  • I’m learning patience, especially with myself.
  • Challenges produce perseverance and character.

Meanwhile, all I have to write is AHHHHHHHHH!

No – actually – here are some strategies I’m about to try out:

  1. Find coffee
  2. Pray
  3. Find more coffee
  4. Procrastinate with Netflix
  5. Go for a run
  6. Stop procrastinating
  7. Coffee, again
  8. Pray, again
  9. Just write something (even though you’e probably delete most of it tomorrow)

No, seriously though: this is what I’m going to do: find one detail or scene that I really like so far and write three more sentences about that. I just ant to be able to write three sentences today…is that too much to ask for????

Time to drink coffee, pray and write those three sentences.

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