Love Lives Here, by Maria Goff

maria goff

If you are looking for a good mother’s day gift, consider Love Lives Here, by Maria GoffLove Lives Here is a sweet and encouraging read – sort of like a portable retreat. Throughout the crazy busy of the last few weeks, the book has helped keep me at least partially sane.

What appealed to me:

  • I love the vulnerability with which she shares her many different stories.
  • She doesn’t try to tell you what to do: she shares her experiences and then lets you draw your own conclusions.
  • You can tell, she has a beautiful heart and she loves her family fiercely.
  • She has a super extrovert husband, just like me, so I could really relate to that.
  • She is inspiring.

What was less appealing:

  • The stories definitely come from a place of huge privilege, social and economic, so sometimes it feels a bit ….can’t find the right word…she just lives in a different world than I think many of us do. But still relatable.
  • She twists together a few stories in each section which sometimes works, but sometimes if feels a bit much/awkward.

Overall, there are so many beautiful nuggets of wisdom in this book. Well worth the read. Here are a few quotes:

“I’ve worked hard to make our home a place of rest not only for me, but also for the people I love […] resting places are safe places. When people walk through the door, I don’t hit them with a list of problems or issues or suggestions or complaints. I welcome them with the ambiance of a warm home embroidered with peace.”

“For many of us, we’re insecure enough or cautious enough or have been wounded deeply enough to think we don’t deserve to find love. I think God understands this and so what He sometimes does is to send love to find us.”

“The truth is, if you know who you are, to whom you belong, and what you want, your time is now.”


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