Good writing, like a favorite pair of jeans

blue jeans
I think that a person’s favorite kind writing is like a favorite pair of jeans. Everyone has a different style. Anyway, I’ve been trying to determine what I think makes for awesome writing so that I can mimic it.

{BTW, do you have book recommendations? I’m especially looking for 3rd person POV. Probably YA. Probably fantasy. Thanks in advance for suggestions!}

Here goes on what sort of writing I like:

  • Something that rings true and authentic.
  • Who likes to listen to people monologue? Same thing with writing…I only need to know so much: get to the point.
  • Humor – even if sprinkled on lightly.
  • No swearing or excessive lusty elements – it keeps me from enjoying the story – also, not too much melodrama.
  • Towards the end, I love a great, unexpected plot twist or something that makes me think “that was cool.”
  • I want a character in the story to help me see my own life, or an issue I wrestle with, through a fresh lens.
  • Why are you using such big words? Keep it simple; I’m trying to relax.
  • Some people like to sound so smart – I like it when writing feels humble.
  • Fast paced (I realize that sounds shallow, but I’m just being honest).

My greatest writing challenges:

  • My brain hops all over the place and it’s super hard for me to focus on one thought all the way through.
  • I rush. Three steps forward, five steps backwards.
  • It’s so easy to fall into stereotypes/cliches.
  • To “be there” – what are appropriate responses and interactions for characters?
  • I’m not a good storyteller, but I’d like to write stories. Frustrating.
  • Finding books I really want to read.
  • Description: my brain seems to have low inventory on cool ways to explain/describe things.
  • Creativity takes SO much energy: I need more fuel.

Thanks for reading! Again, I’d love book recommendations…and do tell me, what sort of things do you like to see in what you read?


5 thoughts on “Good writing, like a favorite pair of jeans

  1. It’s really great to learn new words whilst reading. Our family friend Rae Sujot is great with that – See “What makes them tick?” in FLUX Hawai’i WINTER 2016. It’s imperative for me to feel like I’m there and for it to be something I relate to. Currently reading “The only thing worth dying for” by Eric Blehm.

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  2. think of writing as Andy Warhol says about art.
    “Don’t think about making art. Just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they’re deciding, make even more art.” – Andy Warhol

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