First draft of the outline is done!

It’s been a little over two years since I started writing Mirror of Sparrows, a YA fantasy. After several less-than drafts of the novel, a detailed outline seemed like a better approach. Today is a big day – I finished the first draft of the outline of my novel!

8 thoughts on “First draft of the outline is done!

      • Congratulations! Writing a book is almost like having
        I was riding DA BUS one day I looked up and saw an ‘ADWALL” poster saying that says if you are pregnant, don’t force the pregnancy. Let it happen naturally.
        I too, feel like I am ready to pop. Sorry about that analogy ladies. but there is so much pain before it actually pops out,(the actually completion of a book).
        I am far from where you are but I understand your labor pains.
        I think no one knows what it takes to write a book but another person who is pregnant with a potential baby(book).
        Almost there Vanessa!.
        No give up!!

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