Why I want to give my book an awesome love story…

Background info:

  • I’m not fond of sad love stories, or weird love stories.
  • I want to be inspired by love, not left sad and depressed.

How I define an awesome love story (but this is not set in stone, I’m looking to grow from here):

  • A story that replenishes hope.
  • An endearing couple who, even with the odds against them, find a way to make things work: they show increasing resilience, persistence, creativity, and strength.

What should a happy ending look like? Is it a wedding, a bunch of healthy/happy kids, and all your goals and dreams come true?

  • To me, a happy ending is finding out who will journey with you – they love you and won’t let go of you – and they let you do the same for them.
  • Basically, I don’t want a story where love dies, but a story where love lives on…physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. I that too much to ask for?



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