Updates on the writing journey

Here's an update on the different facets of the Mirror of Sparrows writing journey. As always, thank you for reading and caring! #RevPit If you read my last post, you'll know I participated in #RevPit - a Twitter writing contest during which editors select writers they would like to give free editorial services to. It was a fantastic, … Continue reading Updates on the writing journey

Why I want to give my book an awesome love story…

Background info: I'm not fond of sad love stories, or weird love stories. I want to be inspired by love, not left sad and depressed. How I define an awesome love story (but this is not set in stone, I'm looking to grow from here): A story that replenishes hope. An endearing couple who, even with the … Continue reading Why I want to give my book an awesome love story…

Three bits of inspiration from ants – how about that?

I thought it would be fun to look for inspiration from ants...it's like being a kid, all over again : ) Though there's a lot already out there on this, here are my three cents worth. Ants stay on course. Pretty much no matter what, ants find their way around obstacles, sometimes really big ones! I, … Continue reading Three bits of inspiration from ants – how about that?

Transformed perspective

  At the end of February, I will have been writing Mirror of Sparrows for two years! Somedays I get discouraged at the pace I'm going, but then again, I'm super excited about something else: time, study and effort have completely transformed my approach to writing, and I no longer write, read books or watch movies the way … Continue reading Transformed perspective

What if this doesn’t work out?

This morning, rather than diving into my regular writing routine, I did nothing. Actually, that's not entirely true...I allowed my brain to become paralyzed with fear. What if writing this book doesn't work out? Here is the mental list that has been running through me brain and then my responses to myself (that's sort of weird, … Continue reading What if this doesn’t work out?