4 thoughts on “To anyone who feels irritating…

  1. Awww… you’re probably one of the least irritating people that I know! Of course Max is one of the people that I know, but this isn’t about him ;-). I think you need to hang out with people that have more vision! Your horse story could have been so amazing! I guess I can see it from the point of the people responsible for you during the camp, but talk about a missed opportunity. Likewise with your Firebird story, that was such a cool story. Hmm, maybe *I* irritate people but don’t realize it–haha! Hope you are well and if this is what you mean by irritating people, then keep on irritating them!


  2. Aw, lovely to see you here after so many years (2002)… Great story V, and no, you are an absolute sweetheart and I treasure many amazing memories of our time at Ridley – you certainly never, ever irritated me or anyone else there 🙂 Blessings to you all xx


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