On turning forty!

This past week, I felt myself tear up a few times – I guess I was anxious or whatever – but, I don’t feel at all bad now. Turning forty has been pretty super special.

  • On marriage: Max and I have been married almost 15 years. We’ve certainly gone through some rough patches, but we always seem to come out stronger and closer, I think mostly because God is at the center of our marriage and we have that same heart. I am thankful that we can have our best times together. So much joy!
  • On children: It is fascinating to see who Maile, Skye, and Cruz are becoming. They inspire me daily as their lives brim over with fun, creativity, love, and discovery.
  • On family: I wish I could be there for them more, and that they would always know how much I love them, and how grateful I am for them.
  • On friends: God has put many incredible people in my life – more than I deserve. I’m surrounded by kindness, goodness, and love. I want to learn how to be a better friend.
  • On teaching: I love my job and my students. Sure, I wish I made more money, but besides that, I’m blessed. I actually look forward to going into work and finding out what each day has in store!


  • On writing: Writing has transformed my life, and slowly but surely, I’m growing as a writer. I think this is God’s present to me: it’s exciting and fills me. Now, if I could finish the outline of this book, and write it…and that it wouldn’t take many years…but even if it does, I’m okay with that. But I would like to be able to write more than just this one story! We’ll see : )

So excited for the next ten years! Can’t wait to see what happens : )

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