After unsuccessfully trying to see Logan three times, at long last the fourth try worked out. The persistence was worth it. Besides the bloodiness and the swearing (a lot of it), I loved the movie.

Here are my thoughts on the story (from irritating to good):

Plot: the plot was pretty predictable, but met my expectations of a good and entertaining story. I wasn’t wild about the idea of the artificially created mutant kids, but the concept did the trick as a set up for the rest of the story, and it made for good tension and action scenes.

Pacing: The pacing bothered me with the 2nd pinch point, 2nd plot point and climax really close together – in contrast with a lengthy first half. This seems to be pretty normal for movies though – but it would be hard to get away with that in a book (I think).

Characters (besides the antagonists): This is what I loved. (SPOILER ALERT) People always say that you can’t change people, and while that’s true, this movie was a testament to how love can change and steady people – that was beautiful. I loved the emphasis on relationships and people sticking together despite terrible circumstances, especially family.

  • Caliban, the albino character: Though weak on the outside, he was so strong. He was the home maker with the favorite mug; he was the one who cared for Professor X and made sure their household functioned; he’s the one that gave Logan reality checks. And, when faced with pain and fear, he proved the steady, self-sacrificial person.
  • Professor X was beautiful: The loss of freedom. Dealing with condescension. The loss of control. Believing in people when they no longer believe themselves. The sweet, over-indulgent grandfather figure. Reminders of what matters.
  • Laura: I had such a hard time with her, the hysterical, weirdo kid whose been through a ton. The one who longs for a dad. The one who had to take care of her parent.
  • Logan: First off, his acting was awesome, but anyone who reads this blog already knows how I feel about Hugh Jackman (does anyone not love him?). But back to the story…I loved how Logan started as a drunk, bitter loner. The taking care of older family situation so relatable. Sacrificing everything for your kids. Totally failing your kids. Totally failing. Life found in love.

Other details I liked:

  • The Lord’s prayer, the prayer around the dinner table, the cross.
  • Helping the horses
  • The kindness of the farmer family, especially the older boy
  • The crazy corn syrup machines
  • The broken coffee cup
  • Logan’s limo
  • Eden – the wooden bunks and the camp fire
  • the resourcefulness of the kids
  • Professor X’s plants

Okay, I’m late so I have to go…but that was a good story – conclusion: characters made the plot.

BTW did you cry at the end?

8 thoughts on “Logan

  1. You don’t know how much I love this analysis- blending your knowledge of how stories are supposed to move to critiquing movies (which are just stories through moving pictures). Character analysis. Sigh- my students just dabbled in creative writing over two and a half weeks, and I wish I had more time with them to do a movie critique also. How fun would THAT be- what was the inciting incident, character you most hated, loved, characters that you wish were developed more, why, message of the movie. Maybe I’ll just do that for fun… LOVE it! (Can’t wait for more progress on your own super novel)

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    • I found that analyzing movies is so helpful. I can really learn about plot structure, character arcs, dialogue etc. Thank you Julia! I want to update you guys on the novel. Thank you for asking!


  2. I love, love, love your thoughts on Logan. I want to see the movie just to be able to share in the experience with you. The best reviews are those that enable you to see something through different eyes so when you watch the movie you are aware of things others aren’t–this is one of those reviews. 🙂 I think I learn something every time I read or watch one of your posts. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!


  3. The Logan review kicks butt – just like Logan!!! I’m enjoying our Tuesday date nights watching movies. You should be a movie critic and then we can get paid for going to these movies 🙂

    You’re amazing.

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