The joys of cheesy romantic Christmas movies!

In order to decompress from my lack of progress on the one-millionth rewrite of the first quarter of my novel, I have started watching some of the cheesy romantic Christmas movies that Netflix has to offer.

It was by accident, really.

If you can push through the first twenty minutes of each of these movies, they may be the perfect way to unwind.

So…without further ado, I thought I would share with you my wonderful, cheerful finds.

First…The Twelve Dates of Christmas


This was the romantic Christmas version of ground hog day. I loved it because it reminds me of the process of revision. In real life, we don’t have the chance to redo our days, but with writing, I can rewrite a scene as many times as I want. I think that gives me a pretty good shot at a happy ending!

Second… The Christmas Card


The movie just proves that writing can lead to love…what else need I say?

Third… A Christmas Kiss


I loved all the sparkles and the Christmas Carol references. And of course, the “Insta-love” at its finest…all the cliches that my editor warns be about…at their finest. Love it anyway.

And that reminds me, it’s just about time for me to re-read the Christmas Carol! Hurray! And I found out that I’m going to see the dress rehearsal at the theater in two weeks. My cup overflows…

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