This morning I finished A Writer’s Guide to Persistence, by Jordan Rosenfeld. I digested it slowly, a chapter a day, over the course of the summer. Not only did the book help motivate me, but it also gave me solid practical wisdom and food for thought.

Because of this book, I started exercising again; even with just ten push-ups and ten sit-ups a day…oh, and walking around looking for Pokemon, getting my blood moving has helped a ton. I’m also daring to be more authentic and vulnerable in my writing – Chapter 11 was my favorite because of those themes.

Some of the information I already knew, or may not have agreed with entirely (it would be weird if I agreed with everything), but overall, if you are a writer who needs help persisting, then I highly recommend this book!

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“Don’t apologize for the space you take up, your opinions, your perspective, where you come from, or any of your experiences.”

“Bold writing is vulnerable writing.”

“The only requirement of being a writer with a writing practice is that you keep writing.”

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