Ed Reid

Last night, I found out that I have a great uncle who was the author of a number of non fiction books on organized crime in New York and Las Vegas. He won a Pulitzer prize for the Brooklyn Herald in 1951 and faced some dicey situations because of his reporting…Ed Reid 1

Ed Reid, author and journalist, exposed organized crime in New York and Las Vegas. Reid used his writing to fight corruption and, in 1951, his reporting for the Brooklyn Eagle earned the public service Pulitzer Prize. [1] Reid, with Ovid Demaris, co-authored The Green Felt Jungle, a New York Times Best Seller for 23 weeks in 1964, that exposed greed and depravity in Las Vegas. [2]
Books by Ed Reid include The Green Felt Jungle, MAFIA, Las Vegas City Without Clocks, THE GRIM REAPERS – the anatomy of organized crime in America, and The Shame of New York: The Inside Story of the Secret Crime Kingdom which reaches from City Hall to the farthest suburbs.

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